Why a Licensed Travel Guide

The great travelers or travel writers of the past have rarely been able to resist the temptation to rely on an expert connoisseur of the place they visited to learn more and write better: a local guide . In the contemporary world, however, the same role of connoisseur capable of contributing to the enrichment of the extraordinary experience that a trip leaves in those who make it is often not recognized to the tourist guide, although today he is a certified professional equipped with a specific qualification event space for rent kl.

In the computer age there is a growing tendency to consider the contribution of a tourist guide superfluous, given that “just a click” on the computer or palmtop is needed to obtain the necessary and sufficient information to know a place. Not to mention the cliché that depicts the tour guide as a picturesque figure who, brandishing a cheeky colored umbrella in the air, makes his way through the crowd followed by a flock of vociferous and mostly bored individuals.

The tourist guide, on the other hand, is the ingredient that can really make the difference and transform an insipid illustration of a place or a monument, based on a concentration of names, dates and summary descriptions, into a stimulating and captivating visit. The professional guide knows how to make the monument known to all interesting, as well as the less known areas and routes, highlighting the most compelling aspects, and providing the essential clues to grasp the essence and soul of a city or region . Furthermore, the guide knows how to advise his client also on what is not strictly linked to the visit itself, in order to make the most of every moment of his stay.

The guide takes care to convey to the tourist the beauty and respect for the territory, the historical-artistic heritage and the typical culture of the country visited; knows the peculiar characteristics, the gastronomy, the naturalistic aspects and the typical craftsmanship of his province; he will accompany you both through the historical centers and along the alternative itineraries and will provide you with the fundamental elements to understand the essence of the place and experience it firsthand, to enrich the mind and soul of the traveler in you.